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My daughter was born slightly prematurely with a severe anterior tongue tie, which meant she was unable to feed effectively either from breast or bottle. I contacted Simon by email on the day before my wife's anticipated discharge from hospital and he was quick to respond.

Simon attended our home to perform the frenulotomy the same evening that they were discharged, and I am utterly grateful to him for coming on a weekend, and at such short notice. He was also quick to reply via text and email to make further arrangements, which was extremely helpful given the limited time between my initial contact and my wife and daughter's return home.

Upon arrival, Simon was polite, professional and friendly, putting our minds at rest, and he used full PPE (due to the current Covid-19 risk level in London). He performed the procedure on my daughter quickly and effectively, and as a result she is now breastfeeding successfully; for this we are deeply thankful to Simon.

Following the frenulotomy, Simon stayed around for some time to offer support and guidance to my wife who was somewhat distressed at our daughter's tongue tie, and this helped massively - he was supportive and reassuring in his demeanour.

Overall, we were deeply impressed by Simon and would wholeheartedly recommend him for any parents with tongue tied babies - he has helped my wife, my daughter and I - for this we are deeply appreciative.

A mother
Simon’s treatment of my baby has been transformational.

With shoulder dystocia and a tongue tie, my baby had a complex pattern of tension requiring intricate, specialist knowledge.

We tried many osteopaths/chiropractors without any improvement before commencing treatment with Simon. My baby’s vast progress is testament to Simon’s unique ability and experience as an incredibly skilled osteopath.

Highly recommended.

Our daughter was having problems feeding due to a tongue-tie. We were readmitted to hospital with jaundice and excessive weight loss when she was 5 days old.

We were able to arrange to see Simon as soon as we were discharged. He was very accommodating and was able to visit us in our home as soon as we returned from hospital, which was a huge help.

He answered all our questions and gave us an impartial assessment. We felt assured that there was no monetary motivation for him to carry out the procedure if it wasn’t required (as there was one fee).

Simon helped provide support in what was a stressful time - we'd very much recommend him.

We were struggling with latch issues and were recommended to Simon by our Lactation Consultant. Simon was very knowledgeable and professional and was able to diagnose the tongue tie and perform the procedure successfully. Shortly since then, it has made a massive improvement to the breast feeding experience for my wife where baby easily latches without any struggle.

Simon’s treatment of my baby has been transformational. With shoulder dystocia and a tongue tie, my baby had a complex pattern of tension requiring intricate, specialist knowledge. We tried many osteopaths/chiropractors without any improvement before commencing treatment with Simon. My baby’s vast progress is testament to Simon’s unique ability and experience as an incredibly skilled osteopath. Highly recommended.

At 34 weeks pregnant I had a sudden debilitating pain shoot through my back. After 24 hours, the pain had not subsided and my husband took me to the hospital. The midwives/doctors thought I was in labour but on examination, realised I was not. They began looking for the source of the pain as it was clearly causing labour like contractions and a concern that early labour may begin.

The doctors and midwives were very attentive, caring and concerned. However, after 5 days as an inpatient, the source of my pain was still unknown and my condition was getting worse. I could barely walk at this stage, was unable to have a bowel movement, and had been given morphine as well as regular doses of codeine and paracetamol to manage the pain (and keep contractions at bay).

Worried that the pain killers were not resolving the problem, we contacted our independent midwife to visit me at the hospital. She tried acupuncture on me and while it relieved some of the pain she recommended I make an appointment to see Simon as soon as I was able to.

On my first day out of the hospital I called Simon. To my surprise, he made room in his schedule within 24 hours. Even more, he came to my home (which was critical as I could not have physically made it to his office). I was so grateful for the effort.

I have never experienced anything other than Western Medicine before now so was slightly sceptical, but I was willing to try anything. Simon studied my maternity notes meticulously, asked a lot of questions, and then assessed me. What happened next I have only been able to describe to family and friends as magic. The results have been amazing.

As he worked on my back, I felt it loosen, more room was created for my baby, intense warmth ran through the pain points, and then an amazing sense of relaxation. That night I slept for the first time in 6 days. When I woke up, the pain was 90% gone. I could walk, had a bowel movement, and was able to come off of all pain medication.

It has been three weeks since this occurred and I have seen Simon on one other occasion. I am still 90% pain free. Simon has taught me a few movements and remedies for when the pain comes and it only takes a few minutes to feel relief again.

I cannot say thank you enough to Simon as I am hugely grateful for having these last few weeks of pregnancy back. We have now made it to full term and both mom and baby are happy and healthy!

Thank you Simon for your expertise, personalised care, and "magic" hands!

Over the past 2 years, Simon Prideaux has been seeing our kids as an osteopath. Treatments have always been very loving and caring. We have also appreciated the informality and spontaneity combined with great professionalism.
Love to you all from Katja + Family

Simon's acupuncture can be incredibly powerful. It's almost like rebooting the system. He's had a real impact on some nasty stress-related conditions and made a real difference to my quality of life.
Tim Samuels BBC presenter.

A painful lower back caused by gardening and bad posture at my desk turned into sciatica, causing pins and needles and shooting pains down one leg.

Despite treatment with osteopathy and acupuncture by various practitioners, the pain got progressively worse and eventually I could no longer walk upright and was in constant pain. Life was extremely difficult, as I had an active 18 month old.  I had been offered a cortisone injection at my local hospital but despite being in such pain I felt that it wasn't the right treatment for me. Simon had treated my daughter when she was a baby and when he saw me he suggested that I try some acupuncture with him.

He came to my home and treated me week after week and sometimes a few times a week as I found it impossible to travel anywhere.

The pain relief with acupuncture was much more effective than the medication that I had been prescribed and slowly but steadily, my condition improved until I could stand upright and gentle osteopathy treatment could start.

Simon's calm and steady approach to treatment was reassuring as I was barely able to cope with my condition. After several months I was virtually pain-free. Today I am completely pain-free. I appreciate my good health every day and it's thanks to Simon that I have it.
Kate Dwyer

I regularly refer pregnant ladies, young mothers and particularly babies to Simon for cranial osteopathy. They have commented on his calm manner, good results and "magic hands". In short, I can only recommend him.
Nina Rinkes, Independent Midwife

Simon has been a valued member of our family's support network. He has helped me both during and after pregnancy with gentleness and respect. He has also treated our children at different stages and has always put them at ease. He has been insightful and successful and I would highly recommend him.
Christina Tyson

Simon was excellent with our new baby daughter - very confident and relaxed, especially when handling her. He really helped with her problems and she is now fit, healthy, and thriving!

I've known Simon for about three years, seeing him for various niggling ailments which he's treated successfully. Not only does he work on specific things, he always treats me holistically. I feel I've come more into myself over the last few years and feel much more grounded and happier, so much so that I've returned to my original career as a singer after an 18 year break. Simon has been very encouraging and helpful in this process which he's very much been part of. Simon now treats my husband and three children too, which is a credit to his great ability as a holistic practitioner.
Claudia Morris

Simon is a highly qualified practitioner, with a holistic approach to the needs of the body, mind and spirit. He tailors his treatment to the individual. We use Simon's holistic structure - Chinese Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture and Osteopathy for our family well being. He supports us on our journey in being healthy and assists our bodies, mind and spirit on the path to healing. Simon's professionalism, sensitivity and calmness contribute to our quality of life.
Marilyn Rhixon

Karen and Simon make a fantastic team. They are both incredibly caring and supportive and have helped me from very early pregnancy up to and including those important first few months after giving birth.

This care has also been extended to my baby who has really benefited from Simon's gentle cranial osteopathy. I've found she settles much better and her digestion improves each time she has a treatment from Simon. In early pregnancy Karen's hypnotherapy helped me come to terms with being pregnant and feel more "in my body".

Acupuncture with Simon really relieved my nausea so that it did not take over my whole life. With my husband, I had a private session with Karen to help prepare for the birth and listened avidly to Karen's CD most evenings and even while I was giving birth. It engendered a feeling of calm and deep relaxation and I'm sure allowed me to feel very positive about what was a "surprise" pregnancy. The techniques I learnt with Karen empowered me to have the quiet, gentle birth that I had wanted. Since giving birth I have seen Simon regularly and his treatments leave me feeling energised and a step closer to my body readjusting to its pre-pregnant self.

I would really recommend Simon and Karen, pre-conception, during pregnancy and beyond. I found they supported and nourished me so that I could come into a space which allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy, birth and baby to the maximum.
Emma Catto Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher

Simon is a highly skilled practitioner. His gentle sensitive approach has contributed greatly to his success in treating me and enabled me to work easily with him in a relaxed way. He has returned my body to its natural fluid state, allowing me to move freely and energetically once more.
Maire Lawless
CAMH Social Worker

A month following the birth of my son, we called in Simon Prideaux as we were having a number of problems and the baby could not settle. Having had a fair amount of running around between doctors, hospitals, surgeries etc, it was a relief to receive a house call. Simon was calm itself, and the treatment had an immediate and quite radical effect on my son. Over a small number of visits, Simon relieved a raft of symptoms and also helped me considerably on the road to recovery with a prescription of Chinese herbs. A truly holistic experience, Simon's visits are calm, gentle and unhurried, and highly effective.